Zoe Wells, 18, cracks jokes with one of her peer tutors, Abby Caudill, 16, who is accompanying Zoe in a child development class at Rowan County High School. "Everybody loves Zoe," she says.
Zoe clowns around with her buddy, Emily Jessie, 16, in their classroom.
"Zoe is like a mother hen to Emily," her teacher, Mrs. Bailey, says.
After school Zoe can often be found listening to music.
Zoe examines an envelope sent home from school in her bag that day containing a certificate from the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, officially recognizing her homecoming queen victory. "It was super overwhelming for me as a mom," Delrita Wells says. "The kids at school treat her like anyone else, which speaks volumes about our community and our kids at school."

Zoe at home with her parents, James and Delrita, who help her navigate her tablet as she searches for family photos.

During dinner, Zoe's ever solicitous mom comforts her.
Zoe, who is on her school's bowling team, hits 114 on this day, one of her all-time highs. 
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